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Here you will find tips and advice we think you may find helpful for your wedding and booking process.

How to choose the right photographer


Here are a few points on how to find the right photographer and things to look out for, to avoid disappointment.

  • Do they have your date free?

  • Can you find all their contact details, this includes their phone numbers, email address, and their home/business address. If any are refused, walk away.

  • Check out their work, a lot of photographers will show case their work online, but just to be sure, make sure you not only see a full wedding (whether online or via usb/disc) but also see the work printed off, to ensure the colour, pixels and focus are correct)

  • Check out their reviews. Unless you are going for a new photographer, then most photographers should have reviews either on their website, Facebook page or alternative source (don’t be afraid to ask).

  • Are they in your budget? Don’t always be put off by the price of a photographer. There are cheap photographers (below £500 for all day photography, 8-12 hours), medium price photographers (between £500 - £1000 for all day photography, 8-12 hours) and the expensive photographers (£1000+ for all day photography, 8-12 hours). The big contrast between these prices could be down to varying things such as experience (the more experience the higher the price) , what is included in the price, the area and also how they work (a photographer with a business premises will have more overheads then a home based photographer).

  • Here is a big one to check, are the insured? Professional photographers will have the relevant insurances , public liability, professional indemnity and insurance covering their equipment. Not only do these insurances cover the photographer but also you. Should you not be happy with the work, they break the contract (don’t turn up etc) and also if any of their equipment injures you or your guests.

  • Contract. Always ask to see the contract before booking so you know all the terms and conditions before signing and handing over any money.

  • Fees terms. Ask to see these, as this will help you understand not only what and when payments are due, but also whether any money paid is non refundable or not. This is also a good time to ask what payment methods they accept. Cash (a lot of photographers work cash , as most are small self employed people , and Cannot offset the price of fees on other methods, make sure you get a receipt), bank transfer (same reasons as cash, but always ensure you are paying the name of your photographer or the company name, although a business account is not a legal requirement to run a business and usually incur charges), cheque (same as bank transfer, ensure pay to name is either your photographer or the company name), PayPal (although this is classed as a secure method of payment, if you book your photographer more than 180 days in advance you will not be able to claim you money back) and finally credit or debit card ( this is your most secure payment method, but as said before a lot of photographers won’t offer this method due to fees).

  • If you are happy with all the items above, the final thing is to meet your photographer, this is a must. Not only do you get to see the photographer, it also gives you chance to make sure you feel comfortable with them , as a photographer will be with you all day and the last thing you will want is to feel uncomfortable on your special day.

Remember you a booking this person to capture your special day, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, say if you are concern about something and don’t be afraid to say no, if you don’t feel comfortable with them or their answers then say no to booking.

Always ensure prices/quotes , contract, payment terms and contact details are received in writing to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.